Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Four: 2:24am-3:34am

Panel one was based on this photo:

Photo of stairs

It was time for some action, so I placed our main character in panel one as I was sketching it out.

Panel two dialogue from Act 3 Scene 1 again, though there is a tenuous reference to Woody Allen's "Love and Death."

Panel three: A new character! Never to be seen again, however. The dialogue up to this point indicated that this person was a servant of some sort and if it was indeed time to go, then a coat was required. More than that, I did not know. I was working out that this person could not be the master of the house, as he would not refer to our supposed heroine as "my lady."

Photo of stairs

I had decided that none of the architectural details needed to match up and that, in fact, the less they matched, the larger the house would seem to become. Accordingly, panel four was based on the above photo.

My blog notes that I had been considering at this point entitling the comic "Hamlette" as a reference to the protagonist. It must have been the hour.

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