Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Eleven: 9:45am-10:36am

For panel one, the master is once again drawn from a photo of David Bowie:

Photo of David Bowie

Panel one is incredibly rushed. I was regretting my decision to color in the master's coat solid black on the previous page (though it looked good there) as it meant having to do it again here. To save time, I elected to make it grey (as I had done other greys) by using a brush-pen which is almost dead.

The master's action and dialoge in panel one reflect the lady's on page 5.

The hallway in panel two was mostly invented, but the window and the curtains at the end were based on those in this photo:

Photo of curtains

Dialoge once again from the mighty Act 2, Scene 2 and is the only Shakespearian dialoge in the comic spoken by the protagonist that isn't spoken by Hamlet in the play.

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