Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Fifteen: 2:20pm-3:18pm

After filling the previous page with far too many panels, I made more of a conscious effort to draw large panels- especially at the top of the page- to prevent having lots of space left over on the page which I'd have to fill. As I became more tired, I worked closer to the paper and drew smaller panel shapes when I really needed to do the opposite. This page, and the following two, have the same number and shapes of panels for that reason. Two decent panels per page seemed to be about my limit at the time.

Even though there's no "Hamlet" dialogue on this page, the theme comes to the surface very plainly with the protagonist's admission that she is incapable of leaving the house. It's even difficult for her to say it.

For a very simple page, I quite like this one. The composition is pleasing and the lines are more sure than on the previous few pages. I was quite obviously thinking a bit more clearly again. I was coming into my second wind.

Minor error in that the wall moulding vanishes to the right of the page, but most people wouldn't notice it if I hadn't pointed it out.

You might notice that the strategy of standing the pens upright with the points down between uses was paying off with darker panel borders again.

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