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Monday, Sep 25, 2000

Beginning of the End of the Beginning:


The last week of September 2000 means that this is the last of the preview strip weeks here at Zwol. Next week I'm going to be resetting Zwol back to a pristine state, rerunning the preview strips (one per day, not all spread out like I have been doing), and generally attempting to drum up an audience for the Oct. 23rd Grand Opening!

I haven't decided if I'm going to make this an official part of the site yet, but you can check out the prototype Zwol Shop. Yes, it functions and you can actually buy this stuff now, should you have that burning desire.

Also, two of my favorite web comic strips are having a cross-over storyline this week: The story starts today in Waiting for Bob and continues tomorrow in User Friendly, then will probably bounce back and forth all week. (Update: the WfB crew claim wires were crossed, so there doesn't appear to be a UF half to this story at the moment. Maybe in the future?)