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Sunday, Feb 29, 2004

Blogging the Oscars:

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Start at the bottom and work your way up.

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That's it! Now, I have some non-blogging things to do. I may go through all of that to correct my typos and put back in the snarky comments I made about Charlize's forehead, but maybe not. Good night for the Lord of the Rings. They finally got their due.

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Spielberg on stage to give Best Picture. He announces the nominees. Is it a full sweep for LotR?

The winner of Best Picture is... "It's a clean sweep!" This is teh 11th for Return of the King tying the record for Ben Hur and...what else? The whole cast comes up on stage and the producers and everybody.

Peter mentioned that Fantasy is an F-word that hopefully won't get deleted by the 5-second delay, he thanks all of New Zealand; mentions that his early splatter films ... Barrie Osborn confounds Billy Crystal by mentioning that he dated Crystal's cousin many years ago. It's a long speech, but they're three long films, they deserve it and there's nothing else coming up next.

Crystal asks if he's related to Osborne, then thanks the people of Long Island. "Remember, what happens at the Oscars, stays at the Oscars." All the winners come out and that's it.

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Nicole Kidman, last year's Best Actress, arrives to anounce Best Actor. Johnny Depp? I don't think so. It's.... (Nice clip of Johnny, he chuckles.) Who do I think it will be if not Depp? Maybe Jude Law. No! Bill Murray! Yeah, let's give it to him. I forgot he was in the running. They show the "Rat Pack" clip. Murray smirks. Sean Penn could win.... but.... Sean Penn wins. Oh, well. He's an actor's actor, though, so no poor choice. Everyone stands for him. He's smiling and gracious. "If there's one thing that actors know, other than there weren't any WMDs.." Heh. He doesn't have a speech, but he's going to have to give it a go anyhow. Halting and unsure, but sincere.

Crystal says to Murray, "Bill don't go, it's OK, we love you."

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Hmmm.. I wrote a big long post about Charlize Theron winning Best Acress and now it's lost. Let's see... She thanked all of South Africa (her home, since all of New Zealand had been thanked this evening), was fairly weepy, but mostly composed and everything else a Best Acress winner usually is.

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Back from a long commercial break and here's Tom Cruise. He announces the Best Director award. Well... Who will it be? Sofia or Peter? Those are the only real choices tonight. Well, it could be Clint... It is.... Peter Jackson! Lord of thr Rings: Return of the King! All right. Very nice.

Pete confers with Tom and then begins his thanks. "You're giving us an incredibly overwhelming night." I'll say. Billy Crystal notes that Peter is wearing shoes. "Good news, they found Nemo, the bad news he's in one of Wolfgang Puck's puff-pastries."

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Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins get up to announce the winner of best original screenplay. I predict Lost in Translation. And it's... Yup. Sofia for Lost in Translation. Good choice. she thanks her "muse," Bill Murray. Looks for which way to get off the stage and Sarandon guides her by the arm.

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Tobey McGuire comes on while the orchestra plays the 60s Spider-Man cartoon series theme ("Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can") to introduce the clip for Seabiscuit. Roll clip. What does Spider-Man need with a horse, anyhow?

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Sofia Coppola and her father, Francis come out to the strains of the Ride of the Valkeries. Bill Murray looks like he's in wonderment of something. They're out there to give out the award for Adapted Screenplay. Oooh.. Can American Splendor win? Francis says.. Return of the King. Wow. If they don't seep the best Director and Picture now, I'll be a little surprised.

Phillipa Boyens speaks. Thanks Tolkien first; the Hobbits nod in agreement. Fran and Peter look on. Peter gets to speak. Good idea, in case he doesn't get another chance. Thanks their kids, and gets off stage.

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And commercial. Coming up, directing and acress? Or did I hear that wrong?

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Uma and Jude Law present Cinematography to Lord of the Rings. Well I'm just assuming at this point because they havent' announced it yet, but it can't win because it's not nominated in that category, so it really goes to Russell Boyd for Master & Commander. He points out that he has an Austrailian accent, which is probably close enough to New Zealand to quality and explain the Rings-less catagory.

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Charlize Theron comes out to probably talk about something. About... Best Foreign Language Film. Can't be any better than "Crouching Tiget" from 2000, but maybe it could be after all because I haven't seen any of these. Lets talk about Charlize and how annoying I find her as an actress. (The Canadian film "The Barbarian Invasion" wins and they begin by saying "We're so thankful that The Lord of the Rings doesn't qualify for this category." Heh.) But Charlize is competant as an announcer and is pretty enough, when she's all dolled up to disguise her huge forhead.

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Will Farrell and Jack Black are more coherent than Jim Carrey. They are bing deadly serious and dull. When will they do somethign weird? Will starts singing to the song the band plays when you are played off the stage. The lyrics are all about how you're boring. Heh. The rousing ending isabout cutting to a Del Taco commercial. Jack Black is so happy they nailed it, he leaps to one knee. They recover composure and give the best original song to...("sting")... To "Into The West" for "Return of the King" by Fran Walsh, Annie Lennox and Howard Shore. Good enough. Nice to see Fran Walsh for once! Annie speaks. Fran has the most amazing hair. Annie hopes they enjoyed the song when she sang it tonight. The music plays and Fran gets to speak anyhow! Cool. Very nice of tehm to let her go regardless.

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Jamie Lee comes back to in introduce the song from "The Triplets of Bellveille." I need to get out and see that.

Groovy music. Hearty applause.

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"Do you know that people are moving to New Zealand just to be thanked?" Billy Crystal says. "She doesn't have power, Jim!" he shouts for some reason. He introduces Jamie Lee Curtis who is here for what? For... talking about... Ah, the song "A Kiss At The End of the Rainbow" and introduces "Mitch and Micky." Heh. Good one. They're funny. Mitch is lost. Heh. They sing.

They kiss, the audience loves it. You'd have to have seen the movie ("A Mighty Wind") to really enjoy it, but there you go.

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Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan to give away Editing award. Pierce is not clean-shaven, but he still looks like Bond. James Selkirk for Return of the King. Seven for RotK?

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Damn- Lost the post. Sting and Phil Collins award Howard Shore for Best Scroe for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. My favorite score of those three movies. Only score I've baught in years. Howard goes on for a bit, listing names, but doesn't get played off. the musicians must like him, cause he's one of them.

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Now an old guy, the President of the Academy, takes the stage to give the tribute to Gregory Peck. Stumbles over a line and asks where Robin Williams is when he needs him. Lots about Atticus in "To Kill a Mockingbird." "Dignity, decency and grace." Roll the clips.

And now we see all the others who've died: Charles Bronson, George Axelrod, Michael Jeter (I had no idea), Art Carney, Buddy Ebsen, John Ritter, Hume Cronyn, Buddy Hackett, Michael Kamen, more and fade to black, cut to commercial.

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Now I've missed who's presenting Best Documantary Feature, it's Alec Baldwin and some chick in a dress. "The Fog of War" wins here. Will anything be as charming as the last winner's mother removing her glasses? I doubt it. But this guy is preyy amusing.comments that the trophy is heavy. Gets some applause when he mentions that he fears the country is going down a rabbit hole. Billy Crystal says "I can't wait for his tax audit. Scary times!"

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Diane Lane and John Cusack are giving out an award for Documentary. Won't be as controversial as Michael Moore's speech last year. Short Documentary first... "Chernobyl Heart." They put these people at the back of the theatre, so there's a good long walk up to the stage for the winner. She talks about radiation poisoning and people who are working to save children's lives. Takes a moment to compose herself and says, "It's not easy to stand here," which I would imagine would be true. Ha ha! She thanks her mother, who's in teh audience; when her mother notices she's on the big screen, she takes off her glasses!

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Oprah. Uma-less Oprah. Big bow on her dress. She's introducing the "Mystic River" clip. Didn't see this movie. Sean Penn screams a lot in this clip.

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Julia Roberts gets to introduce the tribute to those who have dies in the past year. Beginning with Katherine Hepburn. She mentions Kate wearing pants, does the camera go to Diane Keaton? That would be appropriate, but no.

Now the film clips. So many classics. Philidelphia Story, Bringing up Baby, Woman of the Year, Adam's Rib (yon Spence), Pat & Mike, The African Queen, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter (so good!), Rooster Cogburn (w/tha Duke), On Golden Pond (I'm going to be just like Henry Fonda in that movie when I'm old, I'm already half-way there).

I guess they'll do another bit with all the others. I guess that's how they get around the question of how to handle losing both Kate and Bob Hope in one year- they don't lump them in with all the rest. There are some class-like distinctions in Hollywood, regardless of the myth that anyone can make it in the business. Well, I guess anyone can make it, but very few make it with such recognition.

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Now Sound Editing. Lord of the Rings again? No! Master & Commander gets its first of the evening. Well, it had to happen.

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Sandra Bullock and John Travolta come on stage arm in arm and banter before giving out the Sound Mixing award. Return of the King again? ... Yes. Wow, how many is that for them now?

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Now, his co-star, Scarlett Johansson (how do you spell that? Wait, I have my Lost in Translation DVD right here, her name's on that... I had it almost right) arrives to announce the Make-Up award. Oh, let's give it to Pirates of the Caribbean. Who get is? Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Wow- lots of technical awards. Lots. I would dearly love to see Peter Jackson get up there.

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Bill Murray, best actor nominee, Saturday Night Live castmember, Ghostbuster, takes the stage to do something. Talks about shooting a movie in Tokyo. He's presenting the film clip for Lost in Translation. So good.

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Diane Keaton has so much style.

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Blake shoots across teh stage in a wheelchair,, grabs teh Oscar and smashes trough a wall. Carrey escorts him back onstage and the audience gets to their feet for, the first time tonight? Perhaps. It's a good stunt. I approve. Makes up for Jim Carrey's babbling.

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Jim Carrey- Where's he been? He starts to babble. He's bald and making no sense. It's a tribute to Blake Edwards, which explains his earlier gibberish, since he's recreatig bits from "A Shot in the Dark."

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Scientific and Technical awards, presented by Jennifer Garner. What big ears she has! A whole bunch of people are shown all at once. We're not really even told who these people are or what pictures they're awared for, are we?

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So what are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith giving out? Visual Effects. Hm. Gonna go to Return of the King in its techincal sweep. Jada is so much shorter than Will. Is she even wearing heels? Is he?

The Oscar goes to... Lord of the Rings. Looking bad for Best Picture. Oh, look- four hobbits in the audience. These people should be short with their speech- they've done this before. Yup, they go through their 'thanks' like old pros.

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Billy Crystal fills in a little downtime and does a great Robin Williams impression. Now I want to see Williams do a Crystal impression.

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Scary commercial with those talking M&M's superimposed into the end of The Wizard of Oz. I don't like those critters. They're worse than... no, not worse, but almost as bad as the Snuggle bear.

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And what stage presence Annie has. The audience clearly loves her. But maybe they're just clapping because the sign is telling them they've got to make it look good while we go to commercial. They are Hollywood people, after all.

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Liv puts on the glasses again to introduce the song "Into the West" sung by Annie Lennox. Ah, Annie can sing like noody else.

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Liv comes back, sans specs, then picks them up off the podium and puts them on. It's another song from "Cold Mountain" this one featuring the same woman, another woman and Elvin Costello. The score was produced by T Bone Burnett, I gather, who did the same job on "O Brother Where Art Thou?" but that was almost a musical and "Cold Mountain" almost certainly isn't. Almost certainly. I didn't see anyone break into song in the trailer, anyhow.

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Liv Tyler comes out do say something, but those glasses and hairstyle distract me. Oh, sombeody's gonig to sing. It's Sting, actually. Playing some sort of... thing. Some sort of thing with a crank. Actually there's a woman singing the lead part, but I wasn't paying attantion and I don't know who she is.

It's nice enough- something quiet and soothing about one true love and cannonballs. I have no interest in "Cold Mountain" which this is from, but the song is nice.

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Now best animated short. Ben Stiller is dressed down in some sort of sweater and blue jeans. If it wasn't a joke, it would be really cool. Interesting. A bit called Harvey Krumpet wins out over Pixar and Disney entries. Cool. Hey, they're Austrailians, too. Cool.

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Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson double-act introduces Best Live-Action Short. Where do these things get played and how does one see them? Who votes on them? Something called "Two Soldiers" wins. This might be one of the few awards that get given purely on an artistic basis.

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Tom Hanks introduces a Bob Hope tribute. "I've never really wanted an Oscare, though I guess they are reassuring for an actor who doesn't know how great he really is."

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Supporting Actress award given by Chris Cooper, and it goes to... Ren?e Zellweger (found out how to spell that, now) for Cold Mountain. She's squinting more than ever now. Big long list of people to thank. She thanks Tom Cruise and the camera focued on Nicole Kidman. Hm. Big long list goes on. Not too terribly long, I guess, but why do people do that long list thing?

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My roommate tells me the grocery store is almost deserted. Should be a good time to go, if you think of it.

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Costume Design awards presented by Renee Zelwiegger (I don't know how to spell her name, but it hardly matters. You know how much she squints? A lot.). Oscar goes to the Return of the King. Looks like all technical awards and no big ones. Hmph.

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Robin Williams presents Best Animated Picture. So much better here than in any of his last few films. Whatever those were. Should be Finding Nemo Is it?

It is.

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Angelina Joile presenting Art Direction. It goes to... Grant Major for Return of the King. Probably a good early start, but will it lead to a bunch of technical awards for teh movie only to get snubbed for Best Picture and Director?

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At least they're keeping the clips short.

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Ian McKellen comes out to present something. What? Ah, teh best picture preview for Rturn of the King. Little movie clip follows.

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Best supporting actor goes to... (you know, I haven't seen any of these movies... No, I take it back. I've seen teh Last Samurai. The Seven Samurai is better, of course. Should have known better than to see a movie written by John Logan).. Goes to... Tim Robbins. Cool. He's almost always brilliant. His first acting nomination and thus first acting win. Was nominated once before for directing Dead Man Walking.

Is that a peace-sign pin on his lapel? Reception makes it hard to tell exactly. Thanks everyone and urges victems of abuse and violence to seek help and councelling.

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I don't generally see the bginning of the Oscars, so it's actually interesting to see the part of the show that hasen't fallen under its own weight when everybody's just waiting for it to end. It's still fun at this point. Out there donig his thing (Michael Douglas has his sunglasses on! Heh) doing his thing in front of all these actors and doing it well. That takes guts and talent.

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Lost in Translation: "This is Gov. Schwarzenegger's favorite film." sez Crystal.

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Billy mentions thirteen years ago he first hosted the awards. "Bush was president, the economy was taking and we'd just finished a war."

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Michael Moore gets squished in Billy Crystal's introductory clip montage/spoof. Now, of course, Billy has taken the stage, and launches into song.

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Sean Connery opens the awards, calls movies "the force that binds up together" which makes me think of Ben Kanobi's description of the Force in Star Wars.

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And... Go.

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I'd like to see Lord of the Rings get some, at least one of the big awards, but we know how fantasy films are usually viewed by Hollywood in general. Just to get that out of the way now.

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Johnny Depp very dapper on the red carpet. "It's not a bad way to spend the afternoon." "I'm here to basically say 'thanks' for the nomination and to applaud."

Blogging the Oscars:

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Moved the TV so I can see it and the computer pretty well. Bill Murray, what are you wearing? Murray: "Boxers."