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Friday, Apr 23, 2004

Joe Zabel's blog:

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Just noticed Joe Zabel's blog via the usual maze of links (McCloud to Manley to Zabel, in this case) and it's pretty cool. Here's hoping he keeps it up for a while. Interesting for me to read there that he, the best 3D comics author of which I'm aware (or at least, my favorite), was totally unaware of the existance of Poser, one of his primary tools, back in the year 2000, by which time I'd already been using it for several years and had become tired of it and was moving back toward drawing with pencil and paper again. The version of the software package he's using, however, is much better than the one I'd been using, and he's got much more patience with it than I. I look forward to more of his blogging.

As an aside, some people have done some amazing things with Poser. It's really impressive how you can reproduce classic works such as Michelangelo's Pieta. Much better than my own attempt at reinterpreting classic art.


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Weird photo of Scott McCloud at this link. Looks like the sort of photocopy art that people make when they're really bored at work.