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Saturday, Apr 24, 2004

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Scroll down to the bottom and read back up to the top.

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Two-for-one special: Decided to do a double-page splash, taking care of 20 and 21 all at the same time. NO idea how to end this, which may take up some of the time I just gained.

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Home Stretch: Nineteen is done!

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Number 18: This means I'm 2/3 of the way through. Light at the end of the tunnel! Pretty good considering I thought I'd not even get 6 pages, let alone a dozen. Good art exercise.

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Seventeen and still going.

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You've been waiting for it (Maybe not): Page 16.

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Um. Page 15 done. Hi.

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Fourteen. Tired now.

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Thirteen. Unlucky for some.

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OK, break is over. I lost about 45 minutes, but it's important to eat and refocus. I think I really lost the thread with page 12, in the rush to get a page done- ANY page done! I can work with it, but I want to get back to something that's going to be able to take me through to some sort of conclusion. Of some sort. Sort of.

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Twelve. That's 1/2 way through. Still am not sure where this is going and getting worried that it might not be going anywhere. I guess that's part of the dealio. I can feel myself getting tired, now. Maybe time to take another short break.

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Page Eleven. A slight catch-up page, but looking good to me about now.

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Page 10 is done. Not so bad. Factoid: I've been listening to the BBC radio adaptaion of the Lord of the Rings while working on this. This is the version starring Ian Holm as Frodo. Just finished the disk with chapter 10- The Choices of Master Samwise. What a cliffhanger! I wonder what happens next?!

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And we have Page Nine. Even with a break, still on schedule.

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OK, had a 15 or 20 minute for breakfast. Body is a little sore from drawing for 8 hours, but ready to push on again. Looking as what's been done so far, I'm liking some and not liking other bits. To be expected. I'm sort of knowing what the final page is (should be rather obvious), but anything could happen yet.

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Is this the most boring blog ever? Sorry, busy drawing! For run, spot the Bowie reference in the completed pages so far.

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Another hour, Another page- number 8 this time.

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Oh, and the sun is up. Feels good.

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Page seven and a valuable lesson in not doing large close-ups of big black areas when you're going to be smelling the fumes of the pen. Yuch.

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Page 6 done. This make 1/4 of the way through. Not so bad. Bit of a time-saver page, but I'm not sure where this is going, so anything to keep the momentum.

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Page Five done.

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Page Four is done. Lots of architecture this time. Took a little longer. I'm thinking the title of this is maybe "Hamlette." Seems appropriate at this point in time.

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Page three is done. No stairs this time.

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Page two is done and I think my style is working itself out. Working a little slowly, now.

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Page One is done.

24-Hour Comics Day:

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OK, I'm starting nowish. 11:35pm PDT. I'll blog every so often. I may also post pics taken with the digital camera here (slow server and not necessarily up at all times).