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Monday, Aug 22, 2005


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Driving westward on interstate 10, as you enter the state of California, there is a sign which reads, "State Prison. Do not pick up hitchhikers in this area."

The next sign you see reads, "Rest Stop 1 mile."

I expect that it's not a popular rest stop.

Web comic script

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In my on-again/off-again project to create a webcomic script for others to use, I keep seeing other scripts that people have created in the meantime. btPHP looks like a promising one which bears investigation.

Man, between not coding web stuff and not creating new comics, it's a wonder I can get anything done.


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Had I been blogging late last week, I certainly would have blogged Hunter S. Thompson's ashes-cannon.

The end of Nouveau Chemin

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Now we have the complete Nouveau Chemin story as written by David Ano and illustrated by David and Eric Myers. Over in the forum, David is soliciting feedback. You may wish to go back to the beginning of the story and read it all the way through to see how it hangs together (pretty good, I think).

Here's part of what David has to say about the story and his involvement with it:

It is hard to imagine that this all started in November 2003 with a story idea I sent to Greg. The story has really evolved since that initial treatment and now here it is. So much of my last year has been focused on this story. As my life has gotten more complicated from finding jobs to getting laid off and back to work again; from finding out my wife Sydney was pregnant to her giving birth to twins; and all sort of other emotional voyages in between this storyline has been my main, and sometimes only, creative outlet. Seeing this effort completed from start to finish is bittersweet.

It has been some time in the creation, but now that it is complete and can be read as a whole, that doesn't matter. Never did, really, since I knew David had an ending planned.

It was great that Eric came on board and stayed through to the end, where he produced some wonderful colors to go with his drawing. In drawing Selby again myself- It could happen- I'll be influenced by his work as much as my own.

In the forum thread, David asks what will happen next? I have a few notions but, really, anything could happen now.