No Contest: Craig Clark

Craig has all this to say about this comic:

Here's a one-shot* I did a number of years ago while I was an exchange student in England. It was published in the March 1995 issue of The Collegian, which is the student newspaper of Chester College. My prior experience with the medium of comics included writing a strip called This Happens, which appeared in The Signal, the student newspaper of Trenton State College (now the College of New Jersey), for a year and a half. Notice I said "writing" -- as you can easily see, my drawing "skills" were (and still are) extremely primitive. Still, I was very proud of the effort at the time (and believe me -- it was an effort), and figured I'd share with you and all faithful Zwollians. And it's timely.

*I did conceive of a second strip, but decided not to draw it since it was essentially the same joke with a different substance (beer as opposed to cigarette smoke).

Craig has also seen fit to post some more of his comics over at his own site and I urge you all to go read This Happens. As he said, he wrote it, while art was provided by Elena La Rocca.