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Artist/s sought for ambitious GBComics project/s
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 10:03 am    Post subject: Artist/s sought for ambitious GBComics project/s Reply with quote

Might as well do a shout-out here, if this is the place. Considering the scale of the project, if anyone is interested in artistic work, please give me a PM. Three projects are planned -

The Fall of the Greeks - An original story encompassing as much of greek mythology as possible. What I was thinking of with this was having myself or another commited artist to draw the main plot which pulls things together (but takes up the least amount of pages), while POSSIBLY getting other artists to illustrate various myths, which will be rewritten by myself and put into format for others to draw. (Tone of the project would be similar to the Godfather or Watchmen)

The Ballad of the Statue Wyrm - This is a horror comic with a long running plot, most likely ongoing unlike Greek comic (which is so massive in scale that it might as well be). Grounded in "the real world", the tone would be comparable to shows like Lost and Twin Peaks. This would most likely just be one artist, which I might as well do unless a better artist steps forward, but there would be various individual stories which would branch off from the main plot.

Collapse Comics - This is a "superhero" comic, although not conventional. I had various ideas in mind for such a story and narrowed it down to a Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde (roughly) type scenario. The superhero is a man who calls himself (or is called) Collapse and/or Perdition, but only seems to possess power in his dreams, dreams which take place in a world very similar to the real one but which the main character does not know is real or is unreal. The story is ongoing but tries to aim for a pulp feel while trying to get some of what made superman a great comic in its earlier form - as in, the dichotomy between Superman and Clark Kent, that Clark Kent was a loser who was looked down on and walked over while when he became Superman he soared. They lost that after they made Clark Kent a strong man in his own right. Here, Collapse does not even have the gift of KNOWING he is a superhero. When the dreams end, he loses his memory of having taken part in them, and leads his boring life. This can have various artists as it is a "superhero" comic - consistency is achieved by the feel and general look of the character, and just as in the industry multiple versions can be seen.

So yeah, anyone interested in artistic aid (not just people who can draw well, but people who have distinctive styles OR are able to photoshop other people's drawings for great colouring) would be appreciated, PM me for details.

And, eh, plz don't steal my ideas. Thought I guess if someone did it wouldn't stop me making my own version knowing that I've revealed only slim details here. and also knowing that this last bit makes me sound hella arrogant, which I'm trying to avoid.
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