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Writer seeking artist, yet again...
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 2:37 pm    Post subject: Writer seeking artist, yet again... Reply with quote


I've got this idea for a webcomic, but unfortunately, I don't have the drawing skillz to heat the grillz, if you know what I mean. I DO like to write, though. Unfortunately, I can't pay you either... it would just be a fun project to do in your spare time. Here's a very basic rundown of my idea:

In the early 90s, a top secret research lab genetically engineered four stem cells to give them special abilities. Using a special scientific method, they stimulated these stem cells to grow into four human beings. They then found several willing volunteers to act as their creations' parents and raise them until their abilities manifested themselves.

Now, in the year 2007, the abilities are beginning to become visible. One 17-year old, Jason, gets in a fight at school, and lasers erupt from his hands, nearly killing another student. Within an hour, several agents descend on the school, attempting to kidnap Jason and take him to the research center. Jason eludes them for a while, but is eventually subdued. At the research station, he wakes up and meets his three companions; Kolten, who has the power to control gravity, Meghan, who can control seismic waves, and Katelyn, who can control electricity.

The four are told they they are a planetary defence force, who must protect the interests of the world and, above all, the research station.

That's the basic beginning to the story... I'm planning on continuing it from there. It'll be a serious storyline, with several humorous things thrown in...

I'd be happy with any art style (as long as it's half-decent), really, so if you're an artist looking for a fun project, you can contact me with some samples of your artwork at josiahluke@hotmail.com.
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