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Writer seeking artist for 250+ page project [Paid]
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:47 am    Post subject: Writer seeking artist for 250+ page project [Paid] Reply with quote


My name is Davyn, and I'm a comics writer living in Portland Oregon. For the past decade, I've had the divine drive to want to work on comics. At this point in my life, I feel more ready than ever before to make comics, however, I lack the sufficient artistry skills that allow me to transfer vision to a tangible form.
A little biography about myself: For awhile I had dreams of becoming the writer, artist, inker, letterer, colorer, all in one bag, but had to admit defeat for not being able to efficiently produce what I envision at a efficient and/or accurate rate. It came as a complete shock to the system when I had to admit this, and as a result, all my ideas have remained on the back burner, festering? Growing? Maturing? I'm not sure what the correct analogy would be, but they've been clawing at the back of my mind in desperation of some kind of exposure.
I've used what artistry I have to draft what I have, but it's still not been enough.

I'm not the greatest writer, nor am I the worse. I'd say that I'm passable, and I'm comfortable where I am. I don't have much to show of my writing, except for some throwaway short stories and humorous poems, so if thus far I sound even remotely interesting to work with, I'm willing to fork them over for your approval. More than anything, I'm looking for a partner. I am going to pay you, but the more valuable piece I want from an artist is the partnership. I will take a strong partnership over the more majestic artwork any day. I believe that my ideas and your ideas need to click and just work because it makes sense to both of us.
By no means am I made of money, but I have agreed with myself to live below the poverty line in order to make my dreams become a reality. You've got to spend a dollar to make one, and you've got to make a mess in order to clean one. This project is above 250 pages at least, and has a uniqueness to it that I can comfortably say is unlike anything the comics world has ever produced. Don't mistake that with arrogance, anybody can write a story and claim it's different from anything in it's genre ore whatever, but what I mean is how the comics reads. This is an unconventional comic that reads in a way that no other comic to day has read before. The content of the story is second to how it reads, and you must forgive me for doing this to you, but I will not publicly announce this detail out of fear of it being copied. It's not a groundbreaking concept, I will stress that, and I hope I haven't made it sound like it's going to start the next Marxist movement or whatever, but it is so very different from what has already been done, that I am keeping this under wrap, at least on the public side of this forum.

For the content of this story -and this may break the deal for a lot of people- we're dealing with something that could easily be labeled as outstandingly offensive. The story within this comic is very R-rated, and uses a illustrates a lot of offensive and/or unsettling themes. In the immortal words of Mark Twain, “Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak, because a baby can't chew it.”. The content within this piece will cover things like rape, racism, murder, drug addiction, alcoholism, bullying, etc. And please, don't mistake these topics with the current trends in social media. I am not a feminist, an SJW, or anything of the sort. I am comfortable with talking about these ideas without heavily politicizing them. I wish for nobody to take anything I say here personally, I just want to make it VERY clear that I don't have an agenda, or a narrative that I want to push. These characters and events are as real as the paper they will be printed on, and I will defend that. A good majority of these events are based on real history, incidents, stories, personal experiences, etc, and in no way are they meant to alter your political leaning, or anyone elses for that matter. The story is dark, and I mean that I'm not afraid to show a nude man or woman, nor am I afraid of showing a person committing suicide. These are all very real topics, told through a fictional medium, and if this alarms you or puts you in a position that might discomfort you, then you are best to not engage beyond just reading these words. Let this be your disclaimer. I am nobody's emotional support, I believe that people are in control of themselves, and with these topics in mind, you will need an open mind and some thick skin in order to work on this with me. I will not have an artist begin this project, and then change their mind halfway because I say or have them do something that makes them uncomfortable. I won't ask you to draw gentiles interlocking, or have you draw propaganda for some esoteric social movement. I will only have you draw what needs to be seen, and when it comes to things like rape, I will be tasteful about it. The reader doesn't need to see in inordinate detail how someone is being violated, they just need to know it happened through clever panel and image layout. Again, I will not have an artist walk out on me because they are mildly or extremely bothered by something. You will not be forced to revel in these themes, you will be in charge of making them visual. To make it clear, I find racism, sexism, rape and all those other deplorable things to be unacceptable. I'm not writing about them because I enjoy them, I'm writing about them to express them. I really do hope this makes sense to you, and that I don't need to explain any further. It won't irritate me if you want to ask me more about this, I am very accommodating. I just really hope that given the length of this descriptor, this is made clear to you.

This ad is becoming a dense mess, so I should shore this up. I plan on submitting this project to a publisher, and at the time that I write this ad, I have already spoken to publishers about it. Don't let that excite you, just know that I have a few outlets for some potentially good opportunities. Again, this is a 250+ page project, and I am not made of money, but you will be paid, end of point.

If you want to know more about this project, then I will invite you to write my email at,

You can also PM me on this site, although I prefer email. More than email, I prefer Skype, and if you choose to come on board with me, I will insist on having an open way of communication like Skype. I will not spend hours hammering away at a keyboard just one idea, where I can spend twenty minutes using the inflection of my voice to better and more efficiently illustrate my thoughts. Let this be a second disclaimer; if using the microphone on your computer and speaking to me makes you uncomfortable, then this won't work out. I want a partner, not a pen-pal that draws pictures for money.

I've gone on for long enough. Haha! I really look forward to hearing from all of you, and I really hope that I find the best person out there. This project means a lot to me; I've dumped several hundred hours into it.

PS: My scripts are large. Alan Moore territory, just less verbose and magniloquent. I'm not saying that I'm Alan Moore, by the way, I'm just saying that when you read my scripts, be prepared to read a short book.

Best regards to you all,
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