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Rip Tanion
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 6:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Useless Idiot wrote:
I'm a bigger believer in pragmatic justice than in the punitive kind. The apprehension of a powerless ex-despot means squat to me.
The pragmatic solution would have been just shoot him in the head, and drag his worthless carcass through the streets of Tikrit, than to capture him and put him on trial. As long as Saddam was alive, and out of our hands, he was a threat. He was free to give orders to his loyal toadies, and inspire them to keep on fighting a guerilla war against coalition forces. The uncertainty of his whereabouts kept many Iraqi's in fear that he might return. This fear has kept Iraqis from taking that important step out of Baathism, and into some form of democractic self-government.
Useless Idiot wrote:
And if Saddam's capture means we'll have to suffer four more years of the beady-eyed smirking devil spawn that is Bush, then HELL YES I'm disappointed at his capture.
Well at least you admit it. Most of your ilk won't. The sad fact is, it's not just the extreme "looney-left", but much of the liberal establishment, and many a politician with a (D) next to his name, that have this additude. They want the War on Terror, and the economy to fail. They want this country to fail, because that would mean failure for the administration they inexplicably hate so much.

Why? Because they really don't care about America, and the American people. All they care about is getting back the power that they lost in the last two federal elections. But, because the voters no longer buy their bull-shit line anymore, disaster for the Bush administration is the only way they can get back into power.

Bottom line: The Democrats are pissed that the Republicans are in charge now, and they are not. They are even more pissed that is doesn't look like the American people want to put them back in charge anytime soon.

As for these WMDs you claim never existed...
Bill Clinton, while he was in office, told the American people Saddam was a threat because he had WMDs, but did little about it. The UN and Hans "Blind as a" Blix stated Saddam had WMDs, but did nothing when he refused to allowed inspectors to inspect, and handed in a bogus and incomplete report, a year ago, on WMDs he was known to have had and was supposed to have destroyed. Bush simply picked up the ball that others had fumbled, and ran in it in for the TD.

Bottom line: Saddam HAD WMDs. If he didn't why wouldn't he let weapons inspectors into his counrty after a UN resolution ordered him to? Why did he refuse to let Iraqi scientists be interviewed, if they weren't working on WMDs? Why, after we bent over backwards, giving him one chance after the other to comply with UN resloutions, did he allow his country to be invaded, and his regime detroyed, rather comply? Why? Becuase he WAS hiding something!
Where are the WMDs? Iraq is a country with an area close to that of California. Vials of weapons grade anthrax are small, and easy to stash away. Who knows, perhaps Saddam did get rid of his WMDs, but I don't think he destroyed them. I think he sold or gave them away to Syria or Iran, or God knows what other crazed jihadists.
"Park the beers, and grab the smiles. It's flight time." - LtCdr. J. Robert "Bobby" Stone, USN (R.I.P.)
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 6:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

xxxtatic2000 wrote:
bU5h 5uX!!!!11111 Hahahahahaha!!!111

Well, I think it's time for your putsch, wouldn't you say? We need a change, and I need the beer.
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