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Writer looking for gigs
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:03 am    Post subject: Writer looking for gigs Reply with quote

Seen other writers post on here before looking for collaborations who didn't have much info so I'm going to be really specific here.

Who am I?: Matthew Werner and, as the topic suggests, a freelance writer on the market.

What kinds of projects can I do?: I mostly work on action and drama's, sometimes with a comedic bend. Always interested in trying out new things and can contribute to anthologies, or do scripting based on a provided plot and/or set of characters. Familiar with the webcomic format in case anyone's working on one of those. My Kryptonite (or, more aptly, red sun radiation) is romance. I can do projects where I'm expected to just work based on what I'm told to do, and others where I would need to give feedback and come up with something myself.

What is my experience?: I've written a bunch of scripts and prose stories, some of which are in production when it comes to art. I don't have a published comic yet, but I can provide script samples for anyone who is truly interested in bringing me on board for their project. I'm looking to gain more experience and get my name out there a bit with this. If it's a paid job and I'm going into new territory, I'm willing to write a free proto-script to see if the hypothetical client likes my work in that vein.

Price?: I'm pretty lax on this. I know that an amateur, previously unpublished, no-name writer will have a hard, hard time getting high-paying gigs if that's what they're looking for. When it comes to very small comics (IE, webcomics, a comic strip or two, a page or thereabouts), I'm willing to work for free--so long as I get credited and can use it as part of my portfolio. For commercial comics, I'm willing to do a rev-split or a negotiable page-rate/full up-front payment that is up to whoever's fitting the bill. Again, looking to get my name out there, so proper credit is imperative, unless I'm getting paid extra to be a ghost writer (which I don't think is super common in comics nowadays, so I won't hold my breath). I recognize that people are going to be on a budget and can work on one.

If interested, feel free to PM me or email at mwindustries2016@gmail.com
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