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Tell me what you think please
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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2004 2:46 am    Post subject: Tell me what you think please Reply with quote

Twisted Luck by Ricardo Piper

It all started in L.A. I was at the victor's Casino, the best in town. There, my game was poker but that?s not all I played. You might ask where do I get all my luck from, well it comes naturally. Besides casino winnings, I?m a bounty hunter and my last bounty was worth a half a million dollars, some guy named Hades. I go by the name of Ricky. I travel around with some weirdoes, anthonie also known as assain, Damian the hell raiser, and some bushy haired kid named Eric. I don?t know where the hell he came from. Anyway, I was playing craps when some guys came up to me wearing black tuxes. I said

Ricky: ?who the hell are you. ?

They answered

Guards: ?500 grand on your next roll?.

I had enough for the night so I said,

Ricky: ?sorry guys but I?m calling it quits for the night?.

So I brush of my jacket, and who to come and slap my shoulder, yep it was Eric and he was playing tag. The dice fell out of my hand and I rolled a six, not only was that role not lucky but I was in deep @$*&, because I now owed the casino a half a million dollars, and I had spent most of my bounty money on my car. Anyways I had stop playing, but they didn?t by that. So I did the first thing that came to my head, fight these guys off. When the casino manager open the door to his office, out pop Victor, I thought the manager was just some skinny guy in a suit. When I saw him another thing ran through my head, run! He told his guards to catch me but I was to quick. When I reach my car I remember that I left Eric inside. They had caught Eric and told him that his friend better bring him his money. I didn?t really know him and he did make me role the dice so I was determine to leave him but I just couldn?t because he is a part of the team, how ever he got there, but he is. So I put my gear in drive and ram the entrance of the casino with my car. I manage to hit Victor. I grab Eric, pulled him into the car and drove off.

Driving top speed in my bumble bee.

Ricky: ?It looks like we lost em. What the hell were you thinking and where?s the rest of the guys."

Eric: ?I don?t know?

Ricky: ? you wouldn?t know?

My back window shield broke, when I look it was Victor's man shooting at me. I was doge ding, but a missle shots blew off the back of my trunk.

Ricky: ?Damn that?s another 30 thousand?.

I told Eric to take the wheel and keep it steady. That was a bad idea. I went in the back seat and pulled out my bazooka, I didn?t want to use it because the shells cost a bundle. I shot it at one of the cars and it blew up.

Ricky: ?One down two to go.?

I fired another and blew up one more car up. I only had one bullet left and I was having problems locking on my target because Eric kept on surving the car about. I fired my last shot but i miss.

Ricky: ?Now what are we going to do.?

Eric: ?Here you take the wheel ill handle them?.

Ricky: ?what you?

I took back the wheel and gave him a chance. He pulled out his pistol

Ricky: ?what are you going to do with that?.

He shot once and hit the left wheel of their car and made it flip over.

Ricky: ? so your not all that bad huh kid, but I wish you could had done that sooner so I wouldn?t have to had use my bazooka shells!?

Driving along I see a small town ahead and I thought maybe I can get some parts for the bumble bee there. I pull over at a gas station that had a little restaurant there. while they were cleaning what?s left if my car and giving it fuel, I use a pay phone at the station, I called the rest of the guys, they were in new jersey they couldn?t come where I was so they told me to stay with eric till they get back.

Ricky: ?no I don?t want him to stay with me,
hello, hello!, hello!?

Eric ?I think they hung up

Ricky: ?Shut up?.

I needed some money quick because I was broke. I have a thousand dollars but that?s at the head quarters and that?s to fare. Something had just ran through my head, when the guard at the casino told me that he wanted a half a million on my next roll I didn?t sign the contract saying I would

Eric: ?Um?. Ricky

Ricky: ?What now.?

Eric: ?Well before I slap your shoulder I had sign the contract in your name

Ricky: ?What! Why would you do that.?

Eric: ?Because I thought it was attendance"

Ricky: "So why didn?t you write your name"

Eric ?Because they already knew i was there, duh.?

I still needed some money fast. I could only think of one thing, when there finish with my car ill jump in and break out. After they finish with the car that was in terrible condition. I ask the guy how much, when he went to get his calculator from in his back pocket I step on the gas and left yelling out

Ricky: ? it pays to go to school huh?.

But i didnt get far I hit a tree about 50ft from the place. I felt a tapping on my shoulder when I turned around it was the manager, the gas boy rated me out. He held a shot gun to my head an told me to get out the car, I wasn?t stupid, I wasn?t going to try anything, . I ended up doing repairs on other peoples cars till I had work off my payment

2 hours later

I finish the repairs, grab Erick and left. By the time I returned to my car there was some crack heads stilling the parts from my bumble bee. When they saw me they ran. Now my car was really a wreck no door, no seat, no wheels, they took every thing except the car frame.

Ricky: ?You do know this is all your fault right. Now how are we suppose to get out of here.?

We had to hitch a ride. We?ve been waiting for three and a half hours, finally a red pick up truck stop. It was an old wash up boxer named jermaine. Me and Eric hop in the back.
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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2004 2:49 am    Post subject: hello Reply with quote

Im the one who wrote this and i just created an account so check out my site, and please tell me what you think of my story. :?:
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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2004 3:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

People will be happy to read your work and provide feedback, but there's no need to post multiple times in separate areas of the forum.

Please direct all replies and comments to the duplicate post in the Hype forum..

Thank you.
Good morning! That's a nice tnetennba.
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