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I need someone to do the visuals to my webcomic.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 2:18 am    Post subject: I need someone to do the visuals to my webcomic. Reply with quote

Here're the basics. Let me know via e-mail or by reply to this post if you're interested. We'll talk then, and hammer things out further.

Now, rough, vague details.

Takes place in northern Germany for the most part, circa 850 AD. Heavy Norse/Germanic myths, society, et cetera. The four primary characters thus far are a boy, about 17, who starts as a goat herder and gradually becomes a warrior with a good many great deeds under his belt. But for now, he's just a goat herder, and I haven't even settled on a name.

Then there's his guide/cattle-prod, a Valkyerie, probably with the name Valorie for simplicity, but then again, maybe not. She typically is armored with plate and chain mail, dual swords, a helm, and wears a hooded cloak to conceal her angelic wings and accouterments as they would easily mark her for what she is.

The third is Beowulf, ripped right out of the Aglos-Saxon manuscript of the same name. Dressed as your typical northern European warrior before the kingdoms came about and after Charlemagne's empire. Helm, round wooden shield, menacing sword, chain mail. The usual stuff. Bearded and battle tested make him easy to identify.

Finally there's the Merlin/Gandalf figure. Wise and all that. Not so much empowered or magically as just wizened with age. Typical dress should do fine. Long robe/cloak, long beard and hair, maybe balding a little. Elongated features like the face, and extremeties. Not likely to fight, not even for his own life.

And now, the most basic part of the story. The Valkyrie finds the goat herder because he is fated to become a great warrior, die, and lead an army of the dead into the battle of Ragnarok, the Doom of the Gods. She takes him from his family and life and they meet Beowulf and others so that he may train and fulfil his fate. And that's all your getting plot-wise. It may just be state-secret, so there.

For the most part, think of this as the Nordic version of Mixed Myth (http://mixedmyth.keenspace.com/) here for those of you who don't know it. Except a good deal less humor and a bit darker and more violent. I don't really want the art to be an anime/manga style either, more along the lines of Zebra Girl (http://zebragirl.keenspot.com/), but in this respect I'm flexible. I'd hope to get a decent backlog/archive/whatever of comics so that it would take awhile to feel pressured by update deadlines. Update minimum of 1 per week, but I'd be ecstatic if we could do more, though I won't hold my breath. It'd be black and white for the most part, except for the very rare special occasion piece. Unless you'd like to do more in color. I'm not particular.

Now, if there is anything else you would like to know before you commit one way or the other or even just are thinking about it and need more information before you decide, you're going to have to ask for me to give it to you via e-mail. And if you've managed to read all the way down, good for you. I know my efforts weren't entirely wasted then.
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