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Artist/writer partnership thread
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:42 pm    Post subject: Artist/writer partnership thread Reply with quote

There was an interesting thread about that on deviantart (2011 by NeuroticCrow) and I thought about bringing it here; the original delaines this form so that artists and writers can find compatible counterparts for them to work with.

So comment away looking for work partners!
Or contact me if interested to work with me.

here is the link to the original thread on deviantart: https://manga-makers-fanclub.deviantart.com/journal/Looking-for-an-artist-writer-225350375

Here is the form:

If you're an artist:

Describe your style: (anime, realistic, etc.)
What materials you use: (digital, traditional, etc)
Genre you'd like to work in:
How often you'll be able to update the manga:
What you're looking for in a writer:
Other info:
Sample of your work:

If you're a writer:

Genre(s) you write:
Title of the manga you want to work on:
Brief summary: (no more than 2 short paragraphs)
What you're looking for in an artist:
How often you're available: (if the artist has a question, or needs to contact you for any reason)
Other info:
Any samples of previous work: (Any mangas that you may have previously written)


I myself come here looking for an artist and here I filled my form:

Genre(s) you write: Fantasy, Poetry

Title of the manga you want to work on: Kaiho

Brief summary:
A first-person book where every mythological being exists; from the wide spread Egyptian, Greek and Norse to the ancient Mesopotamian, Mesoamerican and African or the strange Oriental world. Join the MC as he travels the world, changing both him and it.

What you're looking for in an artist: I look for passion on the mythology style of my work and patience to work on a long series.

How often you're available: I am available to contact most of the time that I am not sleeping.

Other info: Sadly I am not available to work on new stories on short pieces as I am looking for artists who like my story and would like to make a comic or the like out of it, with 50/50 of any gains.
I have been working on it for the last few years and have some knowledge of the publishing industry (one publisher recently replied that I should submit to graphic novel publishers, but those publisher require more than just writing), have several thousands of words written that would be worth years of serialization; but do not let that intimidate you and you can just take a look at the beginning to see if you like it. One crucial aspect if for the illustrator to like it and find it worthy of working on.
I write in Portuguese and translate into English, so any comic would have the advantage of being on the two languages. I am planning into translating into Japanese on a near future where I feel the work would fit nicely as a graphic novel.

Any samples of previous work I have never worked with any artist, but you can find samples of my writing at my website; there is a short resume of my work (the 'brief summary' is a single twitter pitch I use) and on it you can have an idea of my writing style, as well as other samples.

I just created this deviantart account and know not how active I will be here, so any contact will be better done by my twitter (@bedengus), website or e-mail (alison.rios@bol.com.br).
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