Wrong place, right intention ;-)

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Wrong place, right intention ;-)

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I posted this in the Comic Jam forum, but I know that most of you don;t frequent that any more, so I thought I would leave it out in plain view in case you're interested:

Hey folks! I know that this forum doesn't see much action these days, but I thought I would use it to bring some attention to this year's Fright Night event, in case any of the folks who used to frequent these threads might be interested.

You can find the info here, but all you really need to know is that Jon Morris (yes, that Jon Morris) has provided the starter panel, which can be yours, along with a slew of promotion for your webcomic on Comixpedia (that's right, free banner space).

Ordinarily, Matt Shepherd would be whoring himself to you folks, being the events editor, but this year little old me (a ZWOL alumnus of old) am asking you all pretty please, to consider joining in. We have five entrants so far, but the more we have, the more fun it will be on Halloween when we look in our bages to see what we got ;-)