Re: So you wanna be a stuntman?

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Tim Mallos
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Re: So you wanna be a stuntman?

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I guess this is the thread to comment on the blog too...

Greg, you evoked a really cool visual when you described Jesse Wayne bringing in his scrapbook.

I am really amazed that so many people never take a single photo of themselves "at work". Doing what they do 40-80 hours a week.
What a huge part of our lives that the people close to us never even get a glimpse into.

I encourage folks to take the time to take a couple shots at work. Some of my favorite photos of people in my life are pictures of them doing what they do.

By way of illustration, here I am getting fired from Commerce One in 2001. Emotions ran the gamut, then I stole something and felt better.

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Greg Stephens
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Post by Greg Stephens »

Shortly after purchasing a digital camera, I did try to take photos of my usual day, but I didn't think there was much worth documenting, so that effort failed. I think it may be worth trying again sometime.
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Rip Tanion
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Great acting in those photos, Tim. I especially like the conveyance of utter heartbreak in the middle one. The Shat-man would be proud.
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