HI! from Italy with love...

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HI! from Italy with love...

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ok, not only love, from italy with a big hope of creativity in the future!!!

My name is Alessio, but i prefer my nick Sandman (it's not a coincidence , i love Sandman... of Gaiman), and i'm a big, big, big dreamer.

And i love write, tell and listen novel...

I wanna say "hello world" to this forum, and i would than my bad english to be better... but that's all!

There is some happy man who illustred me some interesting user in this forum to discuss about web comic and communication?

(i'm a web designer, and web-comic it's a great new idea on the web to me).

Ok, someone come in to creativityzed me about web comic!

Mr McCloud, i was impressive to your books about comic, all my favors are to you.

And remember, not only italian do it better! :) Byez
Alessio -Sandman- Carone
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ehm, the forum don't logged me! :)

i'm very stupipd boy!
While i cut a gif, would be something of poetic.
Tim Mallos
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Hey Sandman!

Benvenuto! Ho utilizzato il mezzo di traduzione di Google per trasformare nel mio inglese italiano. Ci? ? una cartolina molto positiva e di appoggio di discussione, cos? soddisfa comunica qui. Di nuovo, benvenuto!

Lo stesso messaggio in inglese:

[Welcome! I used the Google translation tool to turn my english into Italian. This is a very positive, supportive discussion board, so please do talk here. Again, welcome!]

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