Drawing comics directly into the computer

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Post by bagpiper »

i have heared a lot about all tablets which allow us to draw directly onto the pc but i still prefer pencil and paper...may b its because i never actually tried these things but i think if you're drawing on paper it has a more humane touch to ur character..
wat do you all think???
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Post by Chanimnya »

Yeah I feel that way too. I find the illustrations that I do using tablets
lacking a certain quality that the ones I make with pencils and papers have. I
figured it's a difference in the medium but at the moment I'm trying
to explore if it's just lack of experience with the hardware that's causing
the disparity. I just want to explore because it would certainly same
me a lot of time if it works out.
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The Tablet rules!

Post by rainofgods »

I was shaky at first because it does take some getting used to. I finally am getting the hang of Wacom tablet. I like how how you can easily erase misakes and still tweek your work even when completely done. Painter essential seems to work the best. I can draw the best on there! I do suggest everyone stries a tablet at least for month. Hey it's better the trying to draw with a mouse and does save a lot of time! :P