New MS update screws with Flash

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New MS update screws with Flash

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I know there's a lot of you Zwol forum folks here who use Flash in your web sites, so here's a heads up in case you haven't heard. A recent critical update from Microsoft (aka The Evil Empire) affects the way Internet Explorer handles Active-X plug-ins, and thus any Flash content that may be on your page. While this has been apparently been in the works since at least last December, it seems the updates have been sent out en mass this past week, and most users are only now experiencing the effects.

I know what your saying. "IE is crap. It's so last century. Who the hell is still using IE?" Well, a good portion of those who will come to your site, that's who. Sad fact is that 80-90% (depending on which surveys you believe) of internet users are still using this bloated beast for one reason or another. So even if you, dear web author, shun IE and use another brower, you've got to realize that not everybody visiting your site is as hip and happening and "with it" as you may be.

Anyway, here are some links with more info:
Direct from the horses ass—I mean mouth

Adobe/Macromedia's announcement

A announcement I found through Google

Adobe/Macromedia's proposed fix

More fixes from Adobe's Flash discussion forum

And of course the Ultra Shock forum is a buzz with this latest revolting development
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