Hoo, boy. Probably old news to you all, but...

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Hoo, boy. Probably old news to you all, but...

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http://www.paulgravett.com/articles/041 ... ailypress2

Since what I was going to say here was meaningless and reflective of me merely commenting on the material as it relates to my personal preferences, I'll simply let you guys have at it in hopefully thoughtful and intelligent deliberation.
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"A cartoon depicting a person engaged in a sex act with a giant hamster..." does not belong in a public library, blah blah blah.

Either they are hypocrits, or they will immediately crack down on the various paintings of Leda and the Swan in their fine art books, too.

Oh - I forgot! Leda and the Swan is a _European_ myth. 'Nuff said...
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The notion that removing a book from library shelves is protecting anyone is what I've never been able to get my head around. Protecting them from what? And how?

An argument about what should be in a library hinges on that book's social, historical or educational value. In this case, it seems that they have little ground to stand on with that as a basis.
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