Masters thesis project on comics generation...

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Jason Alderman
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Masters thesis project on comics generation...

Post by Jason Alderman »

I just finished my MS thesis project at Georgia Tech on writing software to automatically generate comics narrative to summarize wearable computer data:

Hopefully it's not nearly as dry as it sounds, even if it is waaaaaaay long. Thanks much to Scott for his initial input and to Neil who helped me get short-notice access to his early essays...which unfortunately didn't fit into the approach we (my advisors and I) took. (Please don't feel slighted, Neil ...AI-based linguistic generation is difficult enough with just words, let alone words and pictures, and it was far too big a thing to try tackling for a small MS thesis project...!)

Any comments or criticisms? What do you think of the possibilities of comics generation to summarize and navigate the paperless-paper-trails of your electronic life? MMORPG play, say, or cell-phone records, or vacation photos/video/blogging?

I think it's promising that there appear to be a building number of comics generation projects in academic research lately, especially ones that try to leverage comics theory to produce summaries that are more than random frames of video smushed together.


(For those on the MT list, sorry 'bout the crosspost. Also, Greg, I wasn't sure if this should go in the art discussion or Hype!, but since the subject is more a discussion of the theory, I put it here.)
Neil Cohn
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Post by Neil Cohn »

Congrats on finishing Jason! No problem about leaving me out... thats the way it goes in research. I hope my stuff helped your thinking at least! - Studying the Language of "comics"
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Greg Stephens
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Post by Greg Stephens »

I like the example of "unclear storytelling" on page 11. I'll have to read the entire thing when I have a chance, but it looks pretty interesting at a glance.

Good work, Jason!
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