Last FM model useful for webcomics?

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Last FM model useful for webcomics?

Post by davem »

This is just an idea, but I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts. I wonder if such a system would be useful for webcomic viewers? It sees to me to be hard to find good webcomics, to know what everyone else is currently looking at, and what people of similar taste would look at.

This might be a way of increasing the public consumption of webcomics, as it's still very low and doesn't really appear to be growing. Maybe webcomics will never be popular in the same way as music or movies?
Maybe we also need a standard file format as well - like MP3 for webcomics?

As most webcomics are free anyway, we wouldn't have many copyright problems with this.

Please shoot me down! I'd love to get some feedback on this.

Here's the official blurb from Last.FM: is an online music station, based on a dynamic user profiling system to stream customised selections of music to listeners on the net.

It's a peer- to- peer network for streaming music. share taste instead of files and get your individual music stream without complicated search routines.

The system is built upon the exchange of music profiles between users. Users create their individual listening profile by listening to music they like and skipping the music they don't like. It's like instant messaging. Find and communicate with your friends and new people based on musical taste.

The more you listen to, the better it gets. It's like when you compare record collections with your friends (you find out you have a lot of records in common, so the assumption follows that you would also enjoy your friend's other records, which you don't have).

The recommendation system learns from your listening behaviour. When many listeners log on and listen actively, they express their style by directing's recommendation engine into the right direction. All the listeners profiles together result in a map of music. This mapping surveys the landsacpe of musical composition configured collaboratively by the online listeners.
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Post by losttoy »

I would be apprehensive about distributing comics via peer-to-peer. Electronic distribution is one of those cool directions comics could go/are going (as Scott has spoke more clearly in his last book). However I like the idea of either free or subscriptions websites, or even comics being e-mailed, than peer-to-peer. Peer-to-peer is great for some things. However, how many mp3's have you download via peer-to-peer from music artists that you have not heard before. If you have, have you ever done the research to find out who these bands are?

Personally, I think it is easier for a reader to surf links to your site that has ALL of your comics and info about the artist and links to stores to purchase goods and forums to discuss the art, rather than just mysteriously appearing on somebody?s ?play-list?.