Is bandwidth still an issue?

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Is bandwidth still an issue?

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Over a year ago, I did a white paper on the future of peer-to-peer networks and entertainment. Here's a link to it: There's even a section in it on webcomics.

Just like to touch base and see if paying for bandwidth is still an issue. The more visitors that come to one's comic page, the more one's webhost charges you to enable the flood to view one's work. That additional cost eating into revenue.

Is this still the case?
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Post by ragtag »

I think it's not a problem any more. For instance, I get 120GB of bandwidth a month at Dreamhost paying $10 a month. A comic that's 1mb, would need 120.000 downloads a month for me to go over that. Most online comics are strips, and are much less than 1mb, so you could have much more than 120.000 visitors every month.

If you have more traffic than that on your site, I'm sure you could pay for the extra bandwith through selling ads or t-shirts etc.

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Post by janell »

I know this is a little old, but I just have to add - generally, it's not an issue unless you're in the big leagues, but it's probably important to consider if you plan on having a lot of traffic. You can get over a hundred gigs of bandwidth now with basic hosting, but if you go over it, that $.50-$1.00 or more per extra gig can really add up fast. And if you're getting enough traffic to have your own server, then that's a pretty big expense. Archives tend to eat up a lot of bandwidth too.... Though, ragnar is right - hopefully by the time you have that much traffic you've found a way to cover those costs.