Comics and piracy

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Comics and piracy

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I used to be big into comics, but when bittorrent came along I switched gears to movies and tv shows. It's just so CONVENIENT. If i could just type in the name of any comic and download it illegally, I'd read comics.

But I can't, so I don't. People encode obscure children's tv shows and cooking shows and foriegn movies, they rip every type of music and even audiobooks, but they do not scan in comics, or even share out already digital subscription comics.

Comics are annoyingly innaccessable is what I'm saying.
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Post by ragtag »

Uh...yes they do scan comics too, but....

To start with, there are lots of good webcomics available for free, and a good number at a low price. Most of them very convenient.

Then, of course, there are those convenient comic book stores where you can buy comics and actually support comics creators. :D You can even buy them on the web and get them mailed to you.

Some places they even have comics at the library.

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even with free webcomics, you have to go through them on their own terms, with everyone having their own lousy archive system with unpredictable load times and etc.

imagine if every album you pirated came with a different music player you had to use to listen to it
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Post by Greg Stephens »

That analogy isn't quite right. The "player" is the same- A web browser.
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Post by thoththegrey »

And the majority of webcomics use the same navigation method with first, back, forward, and last buttons. The archives do differ... a little. You get list archives, calendar archives. But if you're reading an archive, have to stop, and are worried about losing your place, bookmark the page so you can go forward from there.
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Post by Chanimnya »

The fact that comics are not as widely pirated as music or movies is good
thing. It allows more revenue for the industry and helps more artist find
opportunities to excel. Currently there are several comic book titles that can be downloaded in PDF format luckily though it's not as widespread as eBook.
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Post by Marcuseas »

Hi, I prefer comics on movies I'm a very big fan of comics, please share some nice links of comics
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Post by JennaP »

Hrm. Flag, you come to a forum run by a comics book company and attended mostly by creators and complain that you can't rip us off.

That's...not going to make you too many friends, you realize?