how do i make money with webcomics

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how do i make money with webcomics

Post by ERMixon »

If i made a webcomic where do i go to make money off of it.
I don’t even mean a lot of money i just want to know how i could make any.
I know of people that have done it but because I’m a big pervert i only know of the x rated artists like JAB and don’t know how a maker of legitimate webcomics might go about making a profit.
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Post by Tundra Cartoonist »

If you are interested in making money from comics (web, print or both), my marketing director, Bill Kellogg, and I are putting on a seminar in Las Vegas in September on just that topic. We have lined up a great group of speakers who have been successful in different areas of cartooning to talk and answer questions on how they have done it. We will cover everything from web to print to syndication to online advertising. The details of the seminar are available at:

or you can e-mail Bill at with questions or for more information.

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Post by dincicode »

Just simply make a website or even a blogger page and go to google addsense and add some adds and every time someone visits your site and clicks an add you get some cash its that simple see my blogg for refference :
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Make a blog

Post by Chanimnya »

These days making money online is as simple as ever, well relatively simpler than it used to be anyway. Specially if you have great content. All you have to do is create an account with blogger or wordpress, get google adsense and make sure to regularly post your web comics to ensure steady traffic on your site.
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Post by MadMasterMindComics »

email We are currently looking to publish finished comics as well as other material. Below is an ad we have been posting around the web.

MadMasterMind Comics is a start up comic, graphic novel and manga company under the umbrella of MadMasterMind Publications. We are looking for artists, writers, colorists, inkers to start working ASAP. All jobs are commission based but potential is uncapped. We are also looking for finished graphic novels, comics, and manga for immediate publication and distribution. Work will be distributed on, in bookstores and many other websites. It will be in form of ebook as well as hard copies. We are also currently accepting novels and short stories for MadMasterMind Publications as well as finished films with all original material (music, scripts, etc) for MadMasterMind Productions. In addition we are also currently looking for photographers, publicists, public relation specialists, marketing personel and investors. For more information or for any interest please respond to this message with a resume, cover letter (optional), portfolio, film, film trailer, pitches and writing samples.
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making cash.

Post by vforge »

The best method i have seen is a place called
give it a look over and learn how to use Comicpress at
this will get you on your way with a minimal investment.
The free version might have support issues. just go ahead and buy the paid version. If you can't afford to spend some cash to get started then your not serious or a kid that needs more time.