Ka-Blam or Comixpress? Which company is better?

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Who is better: Comixpress or Ka-Blam?

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Ka-Blam or Comixpress? Which company is better?

Post by LWVrade(OotS) »

Hello everybody! I'm working on a comic called Order of the Spirits, as a writer, with a talented artist, Wasi Ahmed. We want to make this comic available via one of the print-on-demand companies, and I'm torn between Comixpress and Ka-Blam.

The problem is I'm not sure which company is better. There are few posts around internet regarding this subject, but they are all outdated (and although most of those old posts suggest Ka-Blam, some disagree). If you have experience dealing with any of the two companies please tell us how that went. We would like to know which company you would choose and why?

What concerns us the most is printing quality (naturally) and delivery time. We would like that readers who order the comic receive it in less than a month.

So, thanks for the help and tell us what you think?
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Post by Chanimnya »

Hi there,
I've known people who have dealt with both ka-blam and comixpress.
Generally most of them prefer ka-blam.
While comixpress are quick to respond at first, they are slow to deliver. If you have complints they usually give you the run around.
Color quality isn't very satisfactory ka-blam but at least their turn around time is better. If you are printing B&W go for ka-blam.