Writing Pitches

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Writing Pitches

Post by londoneel »

Hi, could anyone help me with writing a pitch? I don't even know where to start! I'm not really into PR, but obviously I need to learn to be ...
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Post by naffslack »

Firstly I'd read each.publisher's website on what they like and dislike when sending in work for them to go through. I've found this to be a good starting point.

Secondly describe your comic/ graphic novel web comic in one sentence. If you can't do this I'd suggest revising your idea. Just hook them with key elements.

Give them a rough outline of the story, where its going, what happens. Use examples of dialogue from the comic to intrigue. It might help if you supplied character bios with them drawn as well and maybe you might hire an artist to do a cover for you, I know most creator owned publishers like this as well as suplying 5 pages of art to them, minimum. Publishers with their own artists, maybe not but it can't hurt.

Also tell them your plans for the project, comic series or graphic novel, how many issues, colour or black and white and who your targeting your comic towards. Everyone is not an answer. Think about who will buy it.

When submitting scripts, call them and see if its ok before you post. Some may close doors.to new submissions and you will be wasting your time as it will just go in the bin unread. Supply contact details, phone address email fax everything you got. Also double space between lines and put your name and page number on every page.

Lastly make it fun!

I'm just basing this on what I've learned by reading books on the subject and reading publishers websites. So if you don't get picked up don't blame me! Lol