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log out problems

Post by kaos_de_moria »

since the new version i seem to log out all the time/not log in automatically. i use a macos x system with safari 1.0 v85.7. i'd be happy about some hints how to fix the bug.

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Greg Stephens
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Post by Greg Stephens »

Try clearing your cookies (or at least those with zwol.org or www.zwol.org domains). I've changed the name of the cookie it sends as of this morning to make it less generic (because even though domain name is a factor, I was wondering if a more specific cookie name might help), so I think people will see a need to re-login the next time they visit. I've also cleared the sessions table in the database, so everybody will have to re-login as of today.

Also, so far as cookies are concerned, there is a difference between when you're visiting "zwol.org" and "www.zwol.org" so this may cause the need to login multiple times as well, depending on what links you follow (automatically generated ones or hand-coded ones- This is something that just occurred to me today, since to visit the site I'll ususally type in "zwol.org/forum" but my bookmark is "www.zwol.org/forum").
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William G
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Post by William G »

Occasionally, when I click the logout button, it simply reloads the main page.... but I'm still logged in!

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