A Stygian Liturgy

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A Stygian Liturgy

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A Stygian Liturgy will be an anthology series taking place with in the wide expansive continent of Griseos . Here we will tell stories of brotherly love, tales of brutal betrayal, fights against otherworldly terrifying foes, and the struggles of battling against oppression. The world of Stygian is a widely expansive and exciting place filled with fantastical creatures and enigmatic entities.

The anthological nature of Stygian Liturgy will be used to promote a wide array of stories and characters that might be familiar to some and unfamiliar to others, but always with the background of the two main entities of our world controlling and operating behind the scenes to develop and grow their own machinations. Edmund the White, and Heamon the Dread Prince.

If you wish to support this project and see us grow and expand, allowing us to fully commit ourselves to art and entertainment as a media, follow our twitter for more updates, and become one of our Patrons to provide donations to the future of our project! Once ready we plan to post the story to webtoons!

https://www.patreon.com/astygianliturgy ... nding=true
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