Seeking Co-Writer for Invader Zim-esque Gag Comic! [Rev-Share]

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Seeking Co-Writer for Invader Zim-esque Gag Comic! [Rev-Share]

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Hello! I’m looking for a co-writer to collaborate on a gag comic strip called The “Remarkable” Red Giant!
Due to College and a webcomic on the side, I won’t have time writing the story myself. Nevertheless, my team of artists and I will do whatever it takes to see this comic through. Here’s the pitch...

A human delinquent is killed by an intergalactic showrunner and given a superhero ring, granting him the abilities of the Red Giant. In order to stay alive, he must work with his sassy, Spock-like sidekick to keep the ratings up. Things get difficult when his well-behaved predecessor creates a show on a rival network in an attempt to keep his fans.

The comic takes huge inspiration from manga like One Punch Man, Lupin the IIIrd, and Saiki K. while paying homage to Fantastic Four. The comic also tackles subjects like idolization, cancel culture, and how fanbases have become cult-like.

The art style is reminiscent of Invader Zim/Tim Burton. To give you an idea, here’s concept art made by our friend, Mitchell Gibbs McGrory!: ... sp=sharing

Writing Sample:
To give you an idea of our writing, here’s a script: ... sp=sharing

And here’s a script about how everything kicked off: ... sp=sharing

The Deal:
Keep in mind that this story is a passion project. All of us are getting paid depending how well the comic does. Profits will be split evenly (there's gonna be three of us).

There will be translations down the line (we also have an advertising plan). Just know that we’re prepared.
You’ll also have the option of creative-input (ideas for gags, etc.). Any characters you make will be yours.
Everything will be published on Webtoons, Tapas, Instagram, Deviantart, Twitter and, if things line-up, our own website.

Here’s the artist’s previous works:

Artist #1:
Artist #2:

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment or DM. I’m always open.
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