Writer wanting to Collab with an Artist [Unpaid]

Writer looking for artist? Artist looking for writer? Publisher or webmaster looking for either? Post here.

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Writer wanting to Collab with an Artist [Unpaid]

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I found an awesome aritsit, this thread is now closed. Thank you for your time!


I am a writer who is looking for an artist to work with on my manga Moonlight Rising. I am offering a 50% split of 60% of the profit with the artist while my publisher, who will be publishing the manga, will be getting 40 % for promotional cost. My publisher focuses the publishing on Amazon books and has had experience with publishing mangas.

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi

Moonlight Rising is a story about two brothers and a woman in Yokohama, Japan, 3022. Due to her nature, Hana King is considered a villain, but she's mainly misunderstood. She meets Osamu and Akihito Kajiwara after killing the leader of the Night Clan. She trains them despite knowing one brother may kill her. Due to the death of Night Clan's original leader, a new leader has emerged, Osamu. In two years, Hana kills someone, causing her to feel guilty. Little does she know, she becomes the enemy of Yuudai Okawa, the hero of Yokohama. He begins killing people close to her. Thus, awakening a centuries-old evil spirit within her.

Leave me a message if interested! Also don’t feel uncomfortable to ask questions.
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