Seeking Comic illustrator(s), Inker(s), Colorist(s) [PAID]

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Victory United
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Seeking Comic illustrator(s), Inker(s), Colorist(s) [PAID]

Post by Victory United »

Hello all who are interested, I am currently looking for A comic illustrator first, then Inkers and Colorists next if you are all these this will be great, I want to do short stories with different styles and genres ranging from One Shots (post apocalyptic, sci fi, modern realistic, feudal, and even superheroes) and if getting a buzz or if the artist and myself work well together possibly continue the story or venture off into creating something new. This is a PAID project of course and I'm willing to negotiate prices please contact me here and from here I'll discuss into further detail.

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Artist Inquiry

Post by jedvin »

Good day sir!!!

I saw your add and I' would like to inquire for the Artist position. I can do a test page if you like. I already have some published comic art for indy comics. My style is clean line and influence or somewhat crossover by Anime and western animation - I used to work on a small animation studio. Copying or studying any style is a must for us back on my day in Animation. I can also do color on tight pencil, traditional inking and digital coloring

I'm Edwin Domingo by the way a freelance artist/colorist from Philippines. I can Pencil/Ink/ and Color Comics Digitally or Traditionally. Recently I done an Issue of Savage Swordsman for Tyrant Comics, a short comic like Bloody Mary of Paul Newman few and a single commission of Flying Solo and Gigasbiology By Kris Moore which i Done Artwork - . i draw a few pages on Scarry Airee for Crazee Comics, a cover of Russ 5377 no.3 which I was the official colorist.

My link of artwork of Portfolio on Deviantart: for artwork (pencil - color) for character design for pencil for color

publish work:
Savage Swordsman of Tyrant Comics ... die+Comics
Flying Solo on SATURDAY MORNING SNACK ATTACK! ... ying-solo/
Bloddy Mary by Paul Newman

if interested in my style you can contact me on
Looking for a long term commission

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Post by LyckyCBArtist »

Hello! My name is Alex! (7 pages of differt style) link to my portfolio!

Toni Doya
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Toni Doya submission art

Post by Toni Doya »

Hello, I'm Toni Doya.

Please check my portfolio:
And my blog:

Here you can also see my work published.
I hope you like my work.


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Inker Submission

Post by Arswend »

My name is Chis Arieswendha. I am an inker and intersted in your project.
Here my portofolio: ... -552947192 ... -529723130 ... -519606188 ... -516760946 ... -515976967 ... -514361504 ... -514119876 ... -513827495 ... -511802283 ... -494038114 ... -444166873 ... -438760853 ... -335145309 ... -409181326 ... -409181481 ... portofolio

I have been working as an inker for comic series at Manaworldcomic (
Inker for cover and interior over Chris Batista Pencil for Ned Kelly Comic ( ... en-killer/ )
and interior for Esmee issue 1 from Geeky Kid Comics UK ... =1&theater ... ts_id=2501
http://curiosityofasocialmisfit.blogspo ... eview.html

Best regards
Chis Arieswendha

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Post by dax »

well here my work this is my recent work and im oppen to negotiate rates, let me know

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Post by faguim »


I'm interested. Please check out my gallery to see comic pages, illustrations and more:



Cole Brustad
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Post by Cole Brustad »

My name is Cole Brustad, I am a comic book inker. I will let my portfolio speak for itself. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line via email. ... tial-pages ... and-covers

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Post by Canalus »

Hello there, I'm Ibai Canales, I hail from Spain, and I can do this:

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Shane Wheeler artist submission

Post by mulavac »

Hi, I'm interested in being a colorist for you. I also offer other services you'll need to complete your book and press ready: Logo Design, Graphic design (book layout), Lettering, digital inks if needed, etc. I can create a services package to fit your needs. Please, review my portfolio at for your consideration.
Shane Wheeler
I can handle your other "Comic Book" design needs.
- Graphic Design
- Character Design
- Digital Coloring
- Logo Design

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Post by Lead_Ronny »

Sent to you a PM :)

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Interested Artist

Post by dezicnt »

Hi! Thanks for posting this. I'm interested in this. I'm a freelance comic artist/illustrator/ letterer. I'm also able to do my own digital coloring. You can see me portfolio at

Dezi Sienty

Gustavo Melo
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Post by Gustavo Melo »


I am very interested in working with you.

My contact is

Follow the links of my portfolio.

Thank you very much.

Gustavo Melo

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Illustrator inquiry

Post by jaysloanart »

Hey, I am interested in working on this project. I have experience working with writers and other comic book collaborators and feel I have much to bring to the table. Please view my portfolio to decide if you feel I would be a good match for what you're looking to achieve.

thank you for your time,

Jay Sloan

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Post by zaelani »

im interest for joining you

i ' m ilustrator comic. especially penciller

you can check out my all art on

contact me

The Passenger
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hello, this is my profile. ^_^

Post by The Passenger »

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Post by ariaxy »


My name is Ariel Iacci. I'm a comic artist and I am interested in your proposal. Here you have a link to my sequential art samples: ... Sequential

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my porfolio and I look forward to hearing from you.

My email is:


Ariel Iacci.

Francesco Conte
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Collaboration comicartist-illustrator Francesco Conte

Post by Francesco Conte »

my name is Francesco Conte.
I would like to collaborate on your projects.
If you are interested and for a vision of my work, visit the
following sites:


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Post by alinemartins »

Hello I'm very interested in work with you!

My portfolio:

My Webcomic:

My email:

Thank you!

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comic book artist ready for hiring

Post by dreamknight »


I'm interested and here is my online portfolio

also for my sequential art
(note: it's in arabic, so the page and panels direction is from right to left)



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Re: Seeking Comic illustrator(s), Inker(s), Colorist(s) [PAI

Post by artinta »


I am a graphic artist with experience writing to offer my services as a cartoonist and illustrator.
Working variety of techniques and styles, ACCORDING to the project to develop.

  To see portfolio visit my web:

Best regards and prompt response

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Post by LucaCicognola »

Hi my name is Luca Cicognola and I'm an italian comic artist, illustrator and concept artist. I'm very interesting to work for you, for my illustrations I do pencil, ink and colors.
If you want to see my art go to my blog
For contact me
Thanks a lot

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