Urgent: Please support my Art Project!

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Urgent: Please support my Art Project!

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this is my new website


Just up today. It's part of my school project. I really need your support by submitting your comic panel here if you are interested in comic+collaborative art.
Basically, The idea is for each person to draws a frame that could link the story together making it into a comic book.

The project is on tight schedule. So Please contribute your artwork. I'm thinking of maintaining the site for good if there are responses from participant. Otherwise, i will have to shut down the site:( So Please support me and the project.

J. W. Cornelius
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It's kind of tough getting a comic jam off the ground initially. Maybe if you start drawing the first panels, possibly impose on a friend (or two) to share the task with you. It's easier to get recruits if they can see what the project is all about.
Good luck!

thanks for your suggestion

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Thanks for your suggestion:) I'm considering of doing that.
Bob Stevenson
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Your first panel doesn't give us much to go on. Most web-comic artists need to be interested in a project before they'll jump in. Most of us have our own projects we're interested in working on so any time spent on a jam is time away from the drawing board or paid work.

The 52 Pick-up jam on this board is a good example of a jam that works. It drew on a community of people who were already familiar with one another in some way (the board). It had an interesting and rather novel theme as well as a goal (52 card - panels). This was enough to get it off the ground. The people who contributed found it interesting enough to spread the word through other boards and their own websites. Also, there was a built-in mechanism for communication about specific parts of the story and specific contributions (the board). I had nearly as much fun reading the commentary as the story. The story became interesting for a while and has now faded somewhat as the story became a little too complex. They're thinking about stopping it with the next card. With all these plusses, the story still didn't make it through the deck - so far.

I cite the example because it interested me enought to get me back into drawing comics. The e-mails and comments I received made me to feel welcome also (Thanks folks) - so did the growing story. I'd worked casually for the last couple of years but since my contribution, I've worked nearly every night on writing, drawing and building my website.

I would like to work on another jam soon but It needs to grab me. I'm sorry but the sketch of Scott McCloud's character doesn't get me excited about contributing. You should at least give credit to Scott for the character. The instructions are also in need of some proof-reading. To up the interest, I like the idea of getting a couple of friends or classmates in on the project. Then invite the rest of the world. You said the project's for school. Is this a whole class devoted to sequential art? -a communications class? More information on the assignment or class might also entice people to contribute. Good luck. It's good to see someone try to start another one.

Bob Stevenson

Pls give us comments,feedback,idea,theme to improve the site

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Thanks for your kind reply, Mr. Stevenson. We thought over about what you said and agreed that we should do some revamp of the site.

As for the Scott McCloud's comic used, we had no idea that it was a copyrighted comic belonging to someone else! It was submitted to us to be used as the main character. We removed the image immediately after reading about this.

For your information, we are full time computing students, not art students. That's why we really need feedback and advice to improve on this art project.
We would appreciate any feedbacks and comments.

We planned to revamp the site soon. So, please give us any ideas or themes to work with.

Thanks a lot.

Jack Masters
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I'm sorry, I don't appear to have read the rules correctly.
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Temporarily Shutting Down of Site

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Hi Everyone,

I have temporarily shut down my site for the comic threads.
Thanks for all you kind advice and submissions. It is sad to say that the response is not well to hang on further.

At the mean time, I'm trying to come up with something.

GoodBye :(
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Greg Stephens
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Sorry you've decided to shut down this project. As J.W. and Bob noted above, it's usually difficult to get people involved in these sorts of things. If you decide to take another crack at it, let us know. Maybe you would want to start with a small group of people (maybe only two or three) to give it a start, then announce it to everybody.
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