Sequential Artist Needed

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Sequential Artist Needed

Post by genericRoger »

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
I am looking for a sequential artist that can do pencils, inks and colors for a futuristic sci-fi story. The story follows a group of indigenous soldiers after a war as they readjust to life on a mining ship. They suffer from PTSD which affects their dreams.
This a continuing story into issue 3 which also has mini origin stories included.
Payment is via paypal and is $30 per completed page.
Thank you for your time.

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Post by diegogue »

$30 is an insult. A page with color is at least, a day and a half of work. What you're offering is a total lack of respect to any artist

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Post by genericRoger »

I'm sorry that you see it like that. I'm open to negotiation for the page rate.

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Post by Master-of-Art »

I`m interested in your project if you are willing to increase the page rate ,I`m a published artist, please check my Gallery at: ... Clx2V9oVVw



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Post by aaronjohnsonart »

$30 is really too low for that much work, I would like to work with you but the rate has to be at least $80 for it to be worth it.

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Post by genericRoger »

I’m sorry I understand but there is only a little room in the budget to pay more for each page.

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Post by noonecomics »

Hey Roger, you might want to check out my offer and portfolio here.

this is my price list as for JAN 2019

Sequential Pages B&W Inked - $40
Sequential Pages Inks + Colors - $65
PinUps or Covers B&W Inked - $50
PinUps or Covers Inks + Colors - $75

if interested

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Post by MezArt »

Hey, i can work for 30 but no colors, let me know if you are interested here are 5 pages of my current portfolio
I can offer pencil and inks

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Post by RockAlves »

Hi Roger,

My name's Rock Alves and I'm a comic book artist and illustrator. I've worked on sucessfully funded Pub Crawl anthology for the Silent Chord publishing, published with A.J. Mason the comic Leap and did some arts for the sucessfuly funded The Adventure's Guide to Theria RPG book by the Dungeon and Randominess.

Since you're open to change those values take a look on my offer.

22 pages (B/W + ink) or 21 pages + cover: 900 U$

Payment by paypal, 50-50%.

Also we can work by page ratio, 45 U$ per page.

And I'm open for comissions.

Take a look on my work:

If you like, contact me on my email

Ricardo "Rock" Alves
Comic Book Artist

DeviantArt portfolio:

Behance portfolio:

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