Writer looking for experience. FREE

Writer looking for artist? Artist looking for writer? Publisher or webmaster looking for either? Post here.

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Writer looking for experience. FREE

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How's it, Zwol.

I'll be as straightforward as possible. I'm looking for an illustrator/sequential artist who is creating a portfolio or some "just for fun" pages and needs some dialogue to accompany the art. I'm even open to being attached to a project for free. My main goal is to build some experience with others.

Email me at toysforthots at yahoo dot com for some sample pages or even just to chat about this. Thank you!

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Help us with our comic

Post by ChefNouvelle »

Hi, I have multiple projects in the works, some that desperately need more than one brain working on them, let's talk. graphicnovelinc@outlook.com I'm JC.

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