Has Morning Improv gone the way of the dodo?

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Chris Heilman
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Has Morning Improv gone the way of the dodo?

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What a crying shame, nary a comment since Feb. Where's the love? Has the entire Internet run out of ideas?

I got a title idea for the "Morning Improv", "Hot Ginger and Dynamite". While it's not really my own idea, it's the first line in the song "Nagasaki" by Django Reinhart, I always thought it would be a cool title for a hard boiled detective novel, a comic book series, or some other sort of literary vehicle.

Awhile back I had posted this song on my music blog. If you would like to
listen to the tune and check out the lyrics point your browser in this
direction (no, it's not a p**n site, and now your thinking "Damn!");


So anyway Scott, I just thought I would drop you a line, tell you I am a big fan, and say I will be checking in more often.

Hopefully I will get to hear you speak in Philly on the 30th.