Comic Artist Portfolio

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Comic Artist Portfolio

Post by PaddyBart »

Hey all,

My name's Patrick Buermeyer, I am a sequential artist working in comics and illustration. I've just finished working on my most recent kickstarter backed book and I am again taking commission requests and project inquires.

I do pencils, ink and color.

You can see some examples of my previous work and my portfolio on my website.

Thanks for looking and I look forward to hearing from everyone.


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Post by xeniia »

Very good, I think I found the knowledge I needed. I will see and refer some information in your post. thank you
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Post by Remastever »

Comic artist portfolio is now here. Portfolio is here and a reason to share it with you means you have to check all that which i want to show you from <a href=" ... view/">top resume</a>. I have all those things which i never take from these sides which are really important ever.

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