Writer Seeking Comic Artist (WEBTOON)

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Writer Seeking Comic Artist (WEBTOON)

Post by BritChix »

This project is a fully written script with storyboarding ideas. I'm looking to collaborate with an artist that believes in the potential for the comic, hopefully, to create a partnership. This is not a paid position of any sort, I'm hoping to build something and looking for the right artist to do so with, and I'm open to that artist's opinions and ideas.
TITLE: The Prince & The Witch (Up for Debate)
Synopsis: In a world of magick, kingdoms, and political strife: follow the trials and tribulations of the Kingdoms Olorun, Chouinnardia, and Ivennson as they attempt to thwart the rising slave trade of Magicks. Discover the imbalance of the Wood, the Magick Families that run it, and decide for yourself who to trust. Will the Lands ever be united? Will Magicks ever truly be free?

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Re: Writer Seeking Comic Artist (WEBTOON)

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My sister and I are two talented visual artists and we are very interested in working with you, we can do covers, pencils, inks, color, cell shading color, traditional painting, digital painting and sculpture, we have seven graphic novels published and we can provide you with references about our reliability from our previous employers, we can draw and design any subject, from sci-fi to mediaeval.

Our rates:

https://www.deviantart.com/diegolopezma ... -528713595

We attach you some samples of our work, links to our portfolio and links to testimonials of our clients:

In our deviantart gallery we have several folder categories, comic, manga, book illustration, painting, graphite drawing, bronze sculpture, mural painting, craftsmanship and design, so please browse to see the samples category that suits your needs best.
Deviantart gallery:
Deviant art page:

Testimonials from our previous clients about or quality and reliability:
http://diegolopezmata.deviantart.com/ar ... -525291205
http://diegolopezmata.deviantart.com/ar ... -488770671
http://diegolopezmata.deviantart.com/ar ... -490534503
http://diegolopezmata.deviantart.com/ar ... -491127677
http://diegolopezmata.deviantart.com/ar ... -528611827
If you wish to see some more of our work or learn more about us just let us know and we’ll gladly provide you with all you need to see.
I’m also sending you a note with my contact info.

Best regards and thank you for your time:

Carla Andrea López Mata and Diego López Mata.
You can contact us at my E-mail: diegolopezmata@yahoo.com.mx
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diego.lopezmata
Discord: diegolopezmata#6584

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