A Shot in the Dark (Writer looking for comic book artist)

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A Shot in the Dark (Writer looking for comic book artist)

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I am a 22-year old unemployed writer on the lookout for an artist in the attempt to start a comic book series.

This, is a huge shot in the dark. I won't lie, I can't pay you right now and I can't guarantee this will be successful, all I can say is I am just a guy with a dream to start a comic book series. The way I am hoping the both of us can earn money from this is through patreon or some other form of payment from those who will hopefully enjoy this comic book series I have in mind.

I have written things before. Short stories, screenplays, and even fanfictions (for whatever that's worth). I have 3 and a half years of college experience aiming for a creative writing degree and have taken many classes in the subject. I try to write things nearly every day and I have been working on a script for the series I have in mind.

The basic idea of the comic is this: it is a sci fi anthropomorphic animal based setting. The main character is a ferret who wears a metallic suit to aid in his ability to control space and time in short bursts to warp from place to place. He will eventually be accompanied by a small crew consisting of a female cyborg lizard who is masterful in tech and hacking, a coy male Raven who is skilled in marksmanship with a pistol, and a robotic creature who can merge with other machinery and is very potent in combat. The plot will be mostly based around them being a mercenary group for hire, though the first bit will be about them getting back together after many years of separation. (I have more details if you would like to know more.)

I know its selfish to ask this, but I am looking for someone who has at least some experience in comic book art (even if its a small amount doesn't need to be professional) along with having decent art. So if you could please share your artwork it would be very appreciated.

Again, this is a shot in the dark, I know I sound like a begging chooser, but I thought I'd just put this out there in case I could actually get someone interested. If any artist wants to put effort into this project I assure you I will attempt to put in as much effort as you do in return.

I really would appreciate anyone who happens to reply to this, any artist who would give it a shot, or just anyone who would share this with an artist they think would be interested.

Thank you to anyone who even considers this, I hope I can hear from someone at some point.

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