Free homepages and/or websites?

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Tim Winstead
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Free homepages and/or websites?

Post by Tim Winstead »

Anyone out there happen to know where I might locate a site that offers free website and / or homepages to use and if so, how would one post art on sights such as these?..any imput would be mighty helpful...thanx, Tim :)
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Post by Randy » has free hosting and it's upgradable if your site starts to take off. As for uploading, you can either do it through the browser or via a FTP program.

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Post by thrdgll »

I'm using an upgraded Tripod site, myself. I had a lot of trouble uploading files to Geocities and found Tripod a lot friendlier all around. They have free webspace to start and about ten times the storage space for about $5 a month (this gets rid of the ads, too).

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Heres a cool one...

Post by Thomas » is pretty cool too and very user friendly.
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Post by gazorenzoku »

I first started with a free site on and then decided to upgrade and get my own domain name. Geocities will take care of that upgrade for you, and your free site URL also stays around so you don't have to worry about people not being able to find you once you get your new domain name. I imagine that there might be better deals and maybe even cheaper deals, but geocities is pretty easy to use and heck, it's a great place to start since you can start for free and upgrade later if you want.

You can always take your files and put them somewhere else if you decide you don't like them......

Good luck!

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Post by danharlow »

I've just started using It is like geocities or tripod in that it is free and for $7 a month you can get rid of the ads. I have noticed that some people have lost all their content if they are not a paying user though so that is a definate negative.

I used to use a local ISP but I started to run out of money and this has been the cheap way for me to get my comic back up and running after being down for a few months. Anyway I'm no spokestool for "the man" but I hope you have luck finding what's right for you.
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no ads on angelfire and 0catch

Post by Bueno The Bear »

i used free websites a lot! and to get advertisements off and to get a cool domain name.. i did a lot of redirecting. like i had a site at which has a lot of options for what you can name your site. pretty cool. and then i would redirect to my angelfire site .. and heres the trick that i dont need anymore cause im on my schools server. theres a little... .. html code you can stick at the top of your page that removes the banners and any pop up codes they might stick in your html files there. just take out the "<!!-" and the "-!!>"

<!!- <noembed><xmp>
</xmp></noembed> -!!>

i had a site with that code on it for years which they never found... ... its unethical, but im a pirate ARRRR!, and the banners were so rediculous..

that works for angelfire and thats all that ive found so far. ... doesnt seem to work for geocities though.

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Post by Stef »

I had a site on one of the freehomepages sites for a while that worked nicely, and my friend still has a serial story there (that's , if you want an example of what the sites are capable of). There are banner ads, but they are located at the bottom of the page. The biggest problem I had with the site was that I don't think they let you upload with a typical ftp program... you have to use their automated system, which was kind-of a pain.

EDIT: I take it back. Apparently they've adopted pop-under ads since I last used the site. Ugh.
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Post by DCastillo »

Hello there,

Tripod is a good option, providing that you're willing to put up with having either a banner ad inserted in your page or an annoying popup ad. It's 20MB of space with many features to aid beginners and many more to accommodate more advanced users.

Fortunecity offers 25MB of space, but none of the features that Tripod does. Tripod has so many features it's not funny. Then again, you may not necessarily need such features as CGI or ASP, which allow you to use dynamic HTML, so that might not be such a great loss.

There's also Crosswinds with 500+ MB of space. It lacks FTP access and is almost completely lacking extra features, but if it's something exceedingly simple you're setting up, then that might not be a great loss either. I'm not sure if Crosswinds has ads; I never got around to using my account because of the lack of FTP access.

If you're looking to set up a comic website, then that's a whole other story; Keenspace is the place to go for that.