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Rip Tanion wrote:Nah, I think you're on the right track with the stolen dreams. Looks like Somnivore steals the dreams, and then buries them in the yard; like a dog burying his purloined (sirloin?) bones. Looks like we need to dig Luna up.
I do not think it was things buried in the yard ... but more metaphyshical. Not really in the ground, but in his mind ... as he needs them for his own sustinence ... ie food for thought, food for dreams.


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I think people are overreacting a little. The girl's question was pretty creepy, but she'll probably be fine. We all lose our dreams every once in a while, and then they grow back. Hopefully the somnivore understands sustainable husbandry practices and doesn't allow the ecosystems he harvests to collapse from overuse.