The Tale of Two Titles

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Greg Stephens
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The Tale of Two Titles

Post by Greg Stephens »

In this round's potential M.I. titles, there are two that are similar enough that they suggest a two-part story: "Take Two, They're Small" followed by its sequel "If Only I'd Bought Two..."

A tragic tale of regret with a poignant lesson.
Good morning! That's a nice tnetennba.

Alexander D.
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Post by Alexander D. »

I find it odd that "Take Two, They're Small" is showing as an early leader right out the gate, while "If Only I'd Bought Two" is among the trailing losers. What makes the one so much more interesting to people than the other?

I'd love to see what happens if they come out in a tie (or, for that matter, if any two titles come out in a tie).

Christopher Lundgren
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Decisions, decisions!

Post by Christopher Lundgren »

I feel hard pressed to decide what to vote for this round. I have to love the zaniness of "Monkey! Bat! Robot Hat!" but then again, we've seen both monkies and robots in improvs before.

"My Curious Finger" is a great title. I guess I like it because it sounds kind of dirty. :wink: Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.