Seeking Artist for collaboration/realization of epic saga.

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Seeking Artist for collaboration/realization of epic saga.

Post by daerokosg »

Seeking a dedicated, mature professional artist for a long, serious project.

I am in need of at least one person that can deliver a strong, mature, serious tone in their artwork for a project that I expect to last at least a few years. I may not need a colorist and/or inker, so if you only work with pencil do not be dissuaded just yet.

There is a planet in our galaxy in grave need of assistance. The humanoid population residing therein has been subject to insatiably tyrannical oppression for centuries. There is one among them that holds the will and determination to stand for his people's rights as a species. He selflessly risks his life to deliver the people of Hera from certain destruction.

This is the saga of Daerokos Galvan and the greatest charge taken by any Heran: to bring the blood of Black Maw, Sovereign of the Dragons, to the light of day.

The entire plot for this story is written and needs only a graphical representation. I am a very cooperative, flexible individual. I understand creative liberty and how important that is to an artist. I consider myself an artist, but I do not trust my skill with this story, as I have a particular vision for the style. I do not feel as though I can give this story the look it deserves.

I am very easy to work with, and am open to complete collaboration. If you have any critiques, ideas, advice, etc., I would love to hear them during the process. The only thing that has held me back from getting this story out sooner has been, sadly, money. I work for my bills and lodging and I do not currently make enough money to comfortably set aside funds for this project. This is not to say that I expect free work. I would never ask any artist to work for me for nothing. I have sold pieces and I know time is money.

I will state that my scripting style is fairly easy to understand and it leaves room for creative liberty. I also am very patient and understanding if you have questions regarding the script.

Please contact me for any of the following:
-a more in-depth plot synopsis
-rate information
-book design/storyboarding
-what I envision for the theme/setting

(this world is entirely fleshed out, i've hand drawn a map of the planet, there are cities, etc. there is lore, multiple religions, everything to make it as real as possible. contact me for more info on the world if you'd like.)

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