hartsfield landing?

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hartsfield landing?

Post by vincent213 »

riffing on scotts blog for jan. 8, and being a west wing junkie (at least the aaron sorkin west wings), is there really such an event as hartsfield landing- the very first town in what was supposedly the very first primary of the year? the show claims that the votes from some town called hartsfield (or hartsfield landing?) accurately predicts the presidential winner with a great success rate. i usually don't believe too much on television, but sorkin was usually pretty good with stuff like that.

anyway . . .

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Post by Rip Tanion »

Perhaps Hartsfield Landing is a spin-off by Sorkin and his wicked minions.

From the producers of West Wing
Hartsfield Landing
Passion! Politics! Sex! Scandal!
A really creepy villian you'll love to hate!
It's a town on the EDGE!
Only on NBC!
Watch it, or be clueless at the water cooler!
Any resemblance to Knots Landing, or the real town of Hartfield Landing, is purley coincidental.
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