Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Thirteen: 12:20pm-1:10pm

Before starting this page, I took a good break to have lunch and check on other people's 24-Hour Comic Day progress online. Lunch was an entire box of frozen chicken fingers. They require only minimal preparation, which is perfect sort of food for someone who's been awake for at least 27 hours and has been drawing for the previous 12 of those hours.

Getting back to work, I finally decided I had to write/draw the confrontation between the Lord and Lady of the house. I didn't really want to do so, but I couldn't work out how to avoid it any longer. I didn't really know their relationship; I didn't know what event it was that the master was so keen to get to and she was so keen to avoid; and I didn't know what they would have to say to each other when then finally did meet.

There are some more "tired artist" mistakes with the borders of the first and second panels, but the rack focus effect of panels two and three is a particularly successful trick, I think. It was done with the much-abused, nearly dead brush-pen. I considered shading in the man's coat, but it didn't seem artistically necessary and I wasn't concerned with continuity.

I have no real reference material for this page. No Bowie photos, no architectural images, no "Hamlet" quotes-- Nothing.

I think the design of the windows in the hallway had roots in pictures I'd seen in the "Elements of Style," but nothing specifically was sourced for these.

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