No Contest: Chris Fahlgren

Chris sent this comic to me some time ago, but I didn't get around to putting it up right away, then I forgot about it but Chris was kind enough to send it to me again.

In his original email, Chris said this: "I haven't seen any new Zwol developments. I think this was kinda good for me in a way, having your comic no longer fill my life, and your link to Diesel Sweeties. The style of that comic, and the ease of which it seemed one could create a regularly updated comic with copy/paste style characters in a 4 panel format... well... nothing is ever easy---

I attempted this feat. Deciding that my life has enough wackiness, that with a little embelishment, could be a rather nice comic and my friends away from college would certainly enjoy illustrated versions of my exploits.

Soo-- long story gets short-- I stayed up all damn night, refusing to give up on my goal of this comic dealy thing. 8 or 9 hours went into this comic and I'm still not overly pleased with the end result, but I want to stick with it. I can see potential if I get organized and comfortable with a style (you'll see a lot of conflict in my first attempt. My original idea was quick choppy charactures, but I wound up with something that looks more like impressionistic paintings)."

You can vist Chris' website here.