Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Twelve: 10:40am-11:33am

When feeling pressed for time, omit backgrounds.

Aside from the lack of backgrounds, you can see my weariness showing up as basic mistakes slipping in. For exmaple, the gutter between panels one and two is joined at the top.

"Hillo-ho-ho" is the same line as on page three, so Act 1, Scene 5.

Panel two's "Bug off" is an inside joke with some friends.

The blacks in panel four were intentionally done faded and loose since it saved time, but I could also justify it as an effect of our lady having her glasses off. I quite like the exaggerated, disproportionate foreshortening effect here.

"What a piece of work," is from Act 2, Scene 2. Hamlet 2.2 is a huge scene, in case you hadn't noticed. I wasn't really aware how many of the lines I'd referenced originated there until writing up these notes, but it makes sense, given the scene's length.

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